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92 Ohltown Road, Austintown, Ohio 44515 Phone 330-799-9721 Fax 330-799-8651

Reports (Criminal & accidents) can be picked up at the Police Department Monday-Friday (except Holidays) from 8am-4pm. Please note that certain criminal cases or accidents may not be immediately available to the public due to ongoing investigation that may jeopardize the case. Accident reports are also available on-line. Click here for more information.

Click here for more information on VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday).
For Mahoning County Jail inmate informationclick this link.

On August 22, 1995 Austintown Township Trustees adopted a resolution authorizing the control of dogs with Austintown Township. In particular, this resolution covers Barking and Noisy Animals and Unsanitary Conditions.

Ohio Revised Code 955.221
Section 1-Barking and Noisy Animals: No owner, keeper or harborer shall keep or harbor and dog which howls or barks or emits audible sounds which are unreasonably loud or disturbing and which are of such a character, intensity and duration so as to disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood or to be detrimental to the life and health of any individual.

Section 2-Unsanitary Conditions: No owner, keeper or harborer shall keep or harbor any dog in the township so as to create noxious or offensive odors or unsanitary conditions which adversely impact the health, comfort or safety of the public.

Section 3-Penalties: Any violation of this resolution shall result in a minor misdemeanor. Each day of continued violation constitutes a separate offense. Fines levied and collected for violation shall be distributed to the treasury of the county, township, or Municipal Corporation whose resolution or ordinance was violated pursuant to division (C) of Section 1907.20 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Officer(s) arriving at the scene will conduct an interview with the affected parties. In Addition officers will determine if the sound or barking is unreasonably loud or disturbing. Officer(s) must take into consideration the time of day and what is going on around the dog (i.e.: storm, animals, children playing nearby). Officer(s) will check to determine if any other calls regarding the barking dog(s) have been reported and at that point determine if a citation is to be issued or a warning explaining that in the future any further disturbances could result in a citation. The public must understand that the Officer must hear the dog barking and determine it to be excessive in order to issue a citation. A minor misdemeanor citation cannot be issued without the officer witnessing the violation.

In regards to unsanitary conditions, the officer will follow the same guideline as listed above but with the standards of noxious or offensive odors or unsanitary conditions.

The Austintown Police Department cannot fingerprint individuals for civilian background checks because the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) will no longer accept ink rolled fingerprints cards for Ohio background checks.
BCI&I now offers WebCheck, which is an Internet-based program for civilian background checks. The program reduces the return rate to as little as several hours. To find a location near you that was WebCheck capabilities or to find out more information on WebCheck you can go to

Since 2001, the Austintown Township Police District has provided Child Car Seat installation and education. During that year, a patrol Officer was certified in CPS or Child passenger Safety and a fitting station was established at the Austintown Police Station or one of the Austintown Local Schools under the direction of the Mahoning valley SAFE KIDS coalition.
Realizing the value of this service to our community and the lack of other trained police officers, Chief Gavalier authorized a second Police Officer to be trained in CPS during 2006
Both Austintown Police Officers install and educate parents about the importance of Child Passenger safety. Appointments can be made at the Austintown Police Department by calling 330-270-5115 or via email to

Yes. It is from 11pm to 6am (7 days a week) for everyone under 18 years of age.

The Mahoning County Dog Warden (330) 740-2205
The Dog Warden’s office handles:
1. Dogs running at large.
2. Dog license enforcement.
3. Nuisance/Dangerous/Vicious dogs as relates to State Law Injured STRAY dogs.
4. Bite cases, for stray and owned dogs.
5. Lost and Found dogs.
6. Dog fighting complaints.
7. Livestock claim involving STRAY dog.

The Dog Warden’s office does not handle the following:
1. Dead animals.
2. Injured animals, such as cats, raccoons, etc.
3. Cat complaints.
4. Abuse and/or Abandonment. (Please contact the Humane Society)
5. Barking Dogs

The Animal Charity Humane Society (330) 788-1064 ext. 17
The Society handles:
A domesticated, owned animal...
...without food, water or shelter
...that has been abandoned by it's owners
...whose owner is neglecting/mistreating/abusing it
...whose owner is not providing it necessary veterinary care
...who is living in unsanitary/unhealthful conditions/confinement
...whose owner is pink slipped/probated/arrested
Any stray cat that is clearly suffering and easily observed to be sick or injured.
Anything involving dog/cockj/animal fighting for entertainemnt/"sport" purposes.

The Society does not:
Pick up raccoons, unless specifically directed by the Health Department
Do anything involving wildlife; please notify ODNR at (330) 245-3038
Pick up injured stray dogs or dogs running at large; plesae notify the Mahoing County Dog Warden

Austintown Township, Mahoning County, Ohio

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