Austintown Township, Mahoning County, Ohio-Zoning

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Zoning Regulations
Article # Article Contents   Article # Article Contents
Article I Introduction and Definitions Article XIII Industrial I-1 District
Article II Enforcement Article XIV Industrial I-2 District
Article III Non-Conformities Article XV Planned Unit Development
Article IV Administration Article XVI Conditional Uses
Article V Agricultural  District A-SER Article XVII Supplementary District Regulations
Article VI Residence R-1 District Article XVIII Signs
Article VII Residence R-2 District Article XIX Sexually Oriented Businesses
Article VIII Residence R-3 District Article XX Riparian Setbacks
Article IX Residence R-4 District Article XXI Erosion and Sediment Control
Article X Business B-1 District Article XXII Small Wind Energy Project Regulation
Article XI Business B-2 District Article XXIII Massage Establishments
Article XII Business B-3 District    

Additional information regarding Massage Establishments (O.R.C. 503.41) can be found here.

Austintown Township, Mahoning County, Ohio

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